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GE Fanuc Automation Europe - Series 16i/18i/160i/180i/160is/180is TA (G code C)
[G05] High speed cycle cutting

[G00] Positioning (Rapid traverse)
[G01] Linear interpolation (Cutting feed)
[G02] Circular interpolation CW or Helical interpolation CW
[G03] Circular interpolation CCW or Helical interpolation CCW
[G04] Dwell
[G05] High speed cycle cutting
[G07] Hypothetical axis interpolation
[G07.1] Cylindrical interpolation
[G10] Programmable data input
[G10.6] Tool retract & recover
[G11] Programmable data input cancel
[G12.1] Polar coordinate interpolation mode
[G13.1] Polar coordinate interpolation cancel mode
[G17] XpYp plane selection
[G18] ZpXp plane selection
[G19] YpZp plane selection
[G20] Outer diameter/internal diameter cutting cycle
[G21] Thread cutting cycle
[G22] Stored stroke check function on
[G23] Stored stroke check function off
[G25] Spindle speed fluctuation detection off
[G26] Spindle speed fluctuation detection on
[G27] Reference position return check
[G28] Return to reference position
[G30] 2nd, 3rd and 4th reference position return
[G30.1] Floating reference point return
[G31] Skip function
[G33] Thread cutting
[G34] Variable–lead thread cutting
[G35] Circular threading (clockwise)
[G36] Circular threading (counterclockwise) / Automatic tool compensation X
[G37] Automatic tool compensation Z
[G39] Corner circular interpolation
[G40] Tool nose radius compensation cancel
[G41] Tool nose radius compensation left
[G42] Tool nose radius compensation right
[G50.2] Polygonal turning cancel
[G51.2] Polygonal turning
[G52] Local coordinate system setting
[G53] Machine coordinate system setting
[G54] Workpiece coordinate system 1 selection
[G55] Workpiece coordinate system 2 selection
[G56] Workpiece coordinate system 3 selection
[G57] Workpiece coordinate system 4 selection
[G58] Workpiece coordinate system 5 selection
[G59] Workpiece coordinate system 6 selection
[G65] Macro calling
[G66] Macro modal call
[G67] Macro modal call cancel
[G68] Mirror image for double turrets ON or balance cut mode
[G69] Mirror image for double turrets OFF or balance cut mode cancel
[G70] Input in inch
[G71] Input in mm
[G72] Finishing cycle
[G73] Stock removal in turning
[G74] Stock removal in facing
[G75] Pattern repeating
[G76] End face peck drilling
[G80] Canned cycle for drilling cancel
[G83] Cycle for face drilling
[G84] Cycle for face tapping
[G85] Cycle for face boring
[G87] Cycle for side drilling
[G88] Cycle for side tapping
[G89] Cycle for side boring
[G90] Absolute programming
[G91] Incremental programming
[G92] Coordinate system setting or max. spindle speed setting
[G92.1] Workpiece coordinate system preset
[G94] Per minute feed
[G95] Per revolution feed
[G96] Constant surface speed control
[G97] Constant surface speed control cancel
[G98] Return to initial level
[G99] Return to R point level

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